Next-Level Wellness: Fast-Track Holistic Employee Success with Breathwork

Welcome to a workplace revolution where well-being takes center stage.
In the hustle of corporate life, the importance of employee mental and emotional health cannot be overstated. Our breathwork services are not just a breath of fresh air; they are the catalyst for a healthier, more productive corporate culture.
Imagine a workplace where stress dissipates, efficiency soars, and happiness becomes a daily mantra. With our expert breathwork sessions, we don't just redefine wellness – we fast-track it.
Join us on the journey to transform your team's vitality and embrace a new era of corporate success.
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Our corporate breathwork programs are meticulously crafted to elevate your team's well-being and drive success. Our tailored sessions and programs offer a myriad of benefits, including:


We offer a range of services designed to enhance employee well-being and contribute to a positive workplace culture. Here are some services you might consider:

Source Method® Breathwork: 

The Fast-Track Solution for Stress Release and Peak Performance


Discover why breathwork is gaining widespread recognition—it's not just a trend; it's a rapid and effective practice. At the core of Source Method® Breathwork lies a technique that ensures immediate benefits for participants, making it a powerful addition to your corporate wellness initiatives. By delivering oxygen to different regions of the brain, this practice quiets the analytical mind, guiding thoughts into a state of tranquility identified as the alpha or theta frequency. These states unlock deep inner peace and reveal a wellspring of inspiration, creativity, and clarity within the subconscious mind.


Source Method® Breathwork also excels in somatically releasing stress from the body, providing a sense of lightness, openness, and profound self-connection. Unlike other wellness modalities, every session, whether the first or the 50th, leaves practitioners feeling clear-minded, connected, at peace, and open—a consistent and transformative experience that breathes vitality into your corporate well-being initiatives

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About Sabrina:


Sabrina is a trailblazing Latina/Iranian wellness entrepreneur and breathwork expert, with a passion for catalyzing breakthroughs since 2021. In the wake of navigating profound personal loss in 2020, Sabrina uncovered the potent healing potential of intentional breathing and has since dedicated herself to guiding others on a path of self-discovery and self-mastery for all aspects of life.

Based in Boston, Sabrina is not only a seasoned entrepreneur, but also a mentor with extensive training in spiritual psychology and nervous system repair. Recognized for her warm and inviting facilitation style, she has earned acclaim for making her breathwork experiences accessible and enjoyable, particularly for first-time practitioners.

With a focus on empowering dreamers and high achievers, Sabrina utilizes her signature Source Method® breathwork technique to expedite breakthroughs and guide individuals toward unlocking inspiration, clarity, direction, and creativity from deeper levels of mind. Dedicated to fostering reconnection and helping clients master both mind and body, Sabrina invites you to explore the transformative possibilities within the Source Method® world.



Sabrina Palazzo (she/her)

Founder, Source Method®

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