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For the soul-seeker.

For the entrepreneur.

For the CEO.

For the personal growth junkie.

For the soul on a healing journey.

For the one willing to do the work.

For the high achiever.

For the dreamer.

Source Method™ Breathwork

Combines a 3-part breathing technique with awesome music, specialized guidance, and deep visioning to drop you out of the mind + into the body, help you release what doesn't serve you, and access the infinite wisdom of the subconscious + superconscious mind. 

...making it an incredibly powerful modality to leverage for life, business, and any other area of growth you're after.


Amber P.

"Sabrina! I just did the august drop breath work session and I have just one word - wow! I've never done a proper breath work session like that before. I still need to sit with it but I've never felt so aligned and connected to my energy. Thank you!"

Erin P.

"Thank you SOOOO much for the fall equinox workshop. Oh my goodness did I feel so in alignment and feeling so beyond grateful for the transitions of seasons which is usually a hard time for me. Like you said in our session together before the workshop "embrace the fall" is leading me so much. It was so beautiful and feeling the body connect with my spiritual connection in such a potent way was exactly what I needed. So beyond grateful for you and the space you hold. Thank you, thank you, thank you ❤️"

Eleni L.

"I have been searching for a way to go deeper into myself in order to heal and I can honestly say breathwork freed me. The practice, coupled with Sabrina’s ease and support, gave me the safe space I needed to unleash what I’ve spent most of my life repressing. I will be forever grateful to this practice and I cannot emphasize enough how necessary it is to healing. I am forever changed by the power of breathwork."

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For just $30 per month, you can enjoy:


(1) live 90 minute themed workshop + breathwork journey per month

I.e. "Heal Your Money Story" or "Becoming Limitless"

Recordings of all workshops

(1) pre-recorded 40 minute breathwork audio per month

Growing library of resources

Community of like-minded people

Discounts to special events and workshops outside the membership

*3 month minimum commitment*

Incredible value, I'm in!

Enjoy the Source Method Breathwork Membership On the Go:


The breathwork membership can be accessed via your computer, iPad, tablets, or even mobile device through our platform's app. Once you join, you'll be given instructions on how to download the app so you can take SM Breathwork on the go.

Hear what people are saying about Source Method Breathwork:

Andrea B.

"I did the heal your money story session and it was so wonderful. It really got me thinking about some patterns, and really bringing some of the unconscious to light. It was outstanding. I think your work is absolutely wonderful."

Marston F.

"I am so glad I'm in this monthly community because not only does it give me a sense of belonging to my soul tribe, but it holds me accountable to maintain the practices that I cherish! Felt you should know how grateful I am for you!!:

India W.

"Anytime I have the pleasure of participating in your breathwork sessions another layer of my shell is peeled back only to create more beautiful, loving space for the next part of me to form."

Laurel M.

"After our first session was over, I felt renewed and yet more myself than I had in years. I am forever changed and forever grateful."

Fern R.

"Sabrina is a unique healer who has a lot to teach and share to support you on your healing journey. I am so thankful for you and her work and you will be too."

Jill K.

"I could feel the love energy vibrations throughout my body and after the initial 5 minutes out so the breathing technique started to feel much more natural. I felt love, gratitude, peace and again ENERGY surrounding and filling me. I am so excited to see where it takes me next time when I go in with a more specific intention and time to journal after. Thank you so much Sabrina!! You do beautiful work"

Mike K.

"This was similar to what I felt when doing a Wim Hoff breathwork retreat last year however yours felt more natural and got to ground zero faster (for. me). I felt a surge of energy originate in my core and the back of my neck then spread instantly to every finger and toe. It literally blew my mind. All worry, fear, and limitation were blown to pieces from the inside out."

Lana R.

"Sabrina is a gift to this earth. An absolute breath of fresh air. After a very rough few couple of weeks I took the breath work class and felt grounded for the first time in a while. Thank you Sabrina!!"

Jozlyn R.

"I absolutely love this modality. Love working with Sabrina! Every breath work session with Sabrina, there's breath throughs, healing, a bit of crying but all with an intention & positive energy!"

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Meet your guide:

Sabrina has been facilitating breakthroughs in breathwork since early 2021 and excels at creating safe, peaceful, and transformative experiences for her clients. The most common feedback she hears about her facilitation style is that her warm and inviting presence makes it easy (and fun!) for all level breath-workers to relax into the technique and receive incredible experiences as a result. She loves using breathwork to grow personally and spiritually, and can't shut up about how potent it is for business! Nothing makes her happier than hearing about your life changing breathwork experiences, so please don't ever stop sharing!



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