Reduce stress in the workplace.


Unlock Inspiration & Creativity.


Increase focus + Leverage a Flow State of mind.


Boost Team Morale. 

Companies that have been known to leverage breathwork:
Why work with Sabrina?

"I can't express enough how incredible this session was. From the beginning to the end, Sabrina was very professional and had such a calming presence. I didn't know this session would open the door for many breakthroughs but it truly did. Sabrina is an amazing soul. Happy to have experienced this."

- Sandy M.

"Working with Sabrina was different than anything I had experienced before. I gained so much clarity on which direction to go with my business, to the point that on our last session, I had clear actionable items of how to move forward - when at the beginning, I was overwhelmed and not clear at all."

-Yaicha B.

"From the start, Sabrina made me feel so comfortable and she guided me through the entire process from start to finish. Her instructions were clear and she made me feel safe throughout the duration of the session. Breathwork offers a whole new level of connecting with your mental health and wellbeing and I would truly reccomend breathwork with Sabrina to anyone!!!"

-Ashley F.

Sabrina has been facilitating breakthroughs in breathwork since 2021 and excels at creating safe, peaceful, and transformative experiences for her clients. The most common feedback she hears about her facilitation style is that her warm and inviting presence makes it easy (and fun!) for first-time breath workers to relax into the technique and receive lasting positive shifts as a result.


She is a [Boston based] entrepreneur, mentor, and certified breathwork facilitator trained in spiritual psychology. She helps dreamers and high achievers step into their power & breakthrough their blocks faster with her signature Source Method breathwork technique.

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